About us

Vision: To use our God-given gifts to further God's kingdom.

As 1 Peter 4:10 (ESV) says, "As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace." We are all created with talents and gifts that should be used to serve one another. The Lord gave us these gifts. Some are blessed with being creative in their ability to make products such as jewelry or instruments; others are blessed with being good at sharing the Gospel, still others have a desire to give of their resources, whether time or money, to further God's kingdom. The Gift that Gives started out of a desire to see all these gifts come together.

Behind the Name: The title "The Gift that Gives" has a few layers of meaning:

  • First, God is the ultimate Gift and He enjoys giving gifts to his children - Matthew 7:11. He showed us the ultimate gift when He gave His son Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins so that we can live in freedom with Him - John 3:16.
  • There are missionaries around the world who are giving their time and resources to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others. These missionaries have devoted their lives to sharing the Gospel and helping others so that is their full-time job. This also means that they need to do their own fundraising to support their own families and continue the work they do. Sometimes they need to think of creative ways to acquire an income. This is where their talented gifts come in. They use their gifted abilities to make products to sell, in which they use that income to support themselves and continue on their mission.
  • Missions organizations give opportunities to help the oppressed in practical ways while providing spiritual guidance. Whether they're helping the poor get back on their feet, providing a way for women to get out of prostitution, or even training people to become missionaries, all the efforts go to give help to those in need.
  • This business, The Gift that Gives, is used as a gift to missionaries and missions organizations. The website was born out of a vision to have an avenue for these missionaries and missions organizations to sell their products. Also, out of the profit this business receives, a percentage is given to support even more missionaries and missions organizations.
  • You too are a gift. When you give of your resources to buy products from The Gift that Gives, you are supporting the missionaries and missions organizations who make the products, which, in turn, help those in need both physically and spiritually.